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From The FAMILY HEALTH EDUCATION CENTER(FHEC) Of The FAMILY EDUCATION & HEALTH MINISTRY(FEHM); We present to you, Godly Education & Health benefits:

Executive Summary
Primarily thru the efforts of Dr/Pastor George B Cooper, Family Education and Health Ministry, has successfully become a global evangelistic beneficent, humanitarian/philanthropic, not for profit, Certified Florida Corporation.



Email: info@docforyourhealth.com



1406 Avenue C, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174-6808  United States of America(USA)


We're here to "Meet the Needs" of you personally in Central Florida and/or of the world. So therefore, just "Click" and/or email me, or just call in and post your needs. Those who feel a need to help us help others, just click our "Monetary-Donation" button or commit your "Donations" to us in the form of hardware/clothing/food etc...... and the like, by posting it here, or calling it in on our HOT-LINE.

We(Jesus & Dr/Pastor George) established/formed in 1987, the FEHM organization to launch & provide a global evangelistic ministry to advance truth & save souls in this physically/spiritually hungering world, to help re-establish basic moral values, to educate and/or heal with Alternative/Natural Medicine, and to prepare all/everyone for Jesus' soon return!!


Our vision here, is to see the total person/family revived/restored(thru education & health) to the Creator's original(Holy Spirit-filled) Creation. And that is accomplished when Divinity & Humanity meets, and coincide/co-exist in Harmonic Balance! And this will allow, one-day very soon, the Creator and the Creation to Co-exist together in total Harmony in Eternal Harmonic Bliss!!


Through the Prayer of Faith and Natural Remedies, we are trying to "Heal the World", so that all may be ready for JESUS' soon return!!




We Present: Dr/Pastor George B. Cooper(PhD/NMD); your “Life Coach” and “Life–Style Educator"(i.e., A Life Coach to the disparaged/disparaging soul-Physically & Spiritually!); Via our Life Coach/Life-Style Educator;

HOT-LINE: 1-800-246-5038 (PIN#:07)